The sites listed below all give useful information about supporting you and your child at home.  However, the school can take no responsibility for the content of these sites.   
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  Reception: Useful Websites


Interactive Alphabet
Letter Sounds
Final Sound
Medial Sound
cvc words
cvc Maker
cvc Wheels
i-board CVC TV
cvc - Quiz - ends
cvc Quiz
cvc Activities
It's a Goal - CVC
CVC word maker
CVC onset & rhyme
Sounds Fun
Word Spinner
Key Words
Motor Skills Worksheets 1
Motor Skills Worksheets 2
Letter Formation
i-board Me and Us Labels
Teddy Bear Labels
Farm Labels
Clifford Activities
i-board Meet Humpty
i-board Humpty Adventure
i-board 3 bears at home
i-board Sentence Scenes
Colours Story
Funky Farm


Butterfly Match
Train Match
Picture, shape, colour match
More sorting
i-board Animal Sort
Number Rhymes
String of Beads
Simple Patterns
The Building Game
Story of Numbers 1 to 9
Matching numbers to 10
Number Catch
Number names to 10
Matching numbers to 20
Order to 20
Order Numbers
Order to 5
Order to 20
i-board Farm Counting
i-board Fishy Counting
Matching / Counting Fruits
Random Count
Random Count Ants
Count Animals
Count to 5 on the Farm
Count to 5
Number Train
Count to 10
Counting to 10
Count to 10
Silly Sequence
Help Lecky catch balloons
Count sheep
Count to 20
Count and catch fish
Counting Bugs
Little Monsters count to 20
Count your Chickens
Counting Songs
i-board Farm Addition
Simple addition
i-board Sweet Shopping
Missing Numbers
Simple subtraction
i-board 3 bears at home (size)
Order size
Big and Small
Biggest and Smallest
Shape Pictures
Shape Build It
Shape Catch
Shape memory test
i-board Drawing with Shapes
Shape Patterns
Clock Face

i-board Farm Science
The Farm
Where do the animals live?
Animal Homes
Animal Habitats
Odd one out
The Farm Story
Farm Animals
Animal Homes
Young animals
Snayfwickby Farm
Sorting minibeasts
Matching Pairs
Living Things
Mr King & the Blackbirds


Homes and Buildings

In the house
Design a House
Where we live

Toys and Leisure

i-board Toy Sorter
i-board Bear Abroad
Journeys - Safety
Where can I play? 


i-board Planting Seeds
Plant Maker
Growing Plants with Sparky
Growing Plants 2 with Sparky
Living Things

Colour and Water

Paint It

People who help us

People who help us
People who help us


i-board Bear Abroad
i-board Humpty Adventure
Dress for the Weather

Mouse Skills

Copy Teddy's Face
Build a House
Design a Face
Make a Snowman
Make Rudolph
Decorate the Tree
Dress Bo Bear
Dress Barnaby Bear
Make an Alien
Scary Spuds
i-board Meet Humpty
i-board Control It
i-board Help Santa
i-board Drawing with Shapes
Baa Baa Black Sheep Jigsaw
Jack and Jill Jigsaw
Humpty Jigsaw
Builder Jigsaw
Butcher Jigsaw
Ship Jigsaw
King Jigsaw
Colour Catch
Incy Wincy Spider
Humpty Dumpty

Foundation Stage Web sites for use with the interactive board

Smartboard Activities
1 more PowerPoint
Continue the pattern
Number Poem
Nursery Rhymes
Read and Listen to Nursery Rhymes
The Little Red Ship Story and Activities
Big Books
Nature Grid
Fun with Spot
Ladybird Books
Northern Grid Town Trail

Resources for Reception Teachers

DfES Publications
Teachernet - Foundation Stage
Foundation Stage - Lewisham
Foundation Stage - Hackney
Foundation Stage - Kent
Early Years - Lancashire
Foundation Stage Haringey
Foundation Stage - Hertfordshire
Cumbria - Early Years
Early Years - Scotland
SWGfL - Early Years
Foundation Stage - Lighthouse
Foundation Stage Forum
Developing Early Writing
ICT scheme of work
Early Years ICT
Becta ICT - Foundation Stage
Mouse Club Lesson Plans
Under 5's
Southwark Curriculum Planning
ICT Lesson Plans

All about Me


Body parts
Parts of your body
Face parts
I can smell ... 
Wash your Hands
i-board Me and Us